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    🌟 Tip of the Week #22: Navigating the Non-Invasive Cosmetic Market 🌟

    Hello, Dr. Stephen Mulholland here from Boomerang FX! 🎉 This week, we explore the booming non-invasive cosmetic market. 🚀

    🔍 Key Points:

    • Market Shift: Non-invasive options now make up 82% of the $16 billion market!
    • Consumer Demand: Patients want the least invasive options for the…

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  • 📣 Let’s Get to Know Each Other! 🌍

    We love connecting with our amazing community and learning more about you! Drop a comment below and tell us:

    1️⃣ Where you’re from 🌐

    2️⃣ The name of your clinic 🏥

    Let’s celebrate our global community and the fantastic work we all do! 🌟

  • 📚 Unlock the Power of BoomerangFX with Our Comprehensive Guide! 📚

    Are you ready to revolutionize your practice management and marketing in the digital era? Look no further than the Boomerang Book!

    What’s Inside:

    • Your comprehensive guide to practice management and marketing.
    • Learn how to maximize the potential of BoomerangFX software.
    • Step-by-step…

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  • 🚀 Pre-Launch Announcement: The Exodus Book 🚀

    Ready to transition from Managed Care to Aesthetic Medicine? 🌟

    “The Exodus Book” is your comprehensive guide to seamlessly navigate this journey. Tailored for healthcare providers, this essential resource offers incremental steps, invaluable tips, and an abundance of resources to help you master…

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